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The ITMp (Magnetic Therapy inductor) is a Alpha wave stabilizer. It was created initially to help to meditate, inducing the brain waves to reach the right frequency to meditate, relax and visualize/repeat (self-hypnosis).
Later tests with the ITM showed that it was capable of  to eliminate several kinds of pain:
muscle, arthritis, traumatic, etc. Used by many therapists in analgesia, ITM reversed cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, reduced tremors in Parkinson's disease carriers and, when applied to points of the  Do-in and acupuncture cured panic syndrome, depression, symptoms of bipolar disorder , and common diseases such as influenza. It also works as a   "magnetacupuncture " applied to acupuncture points as much as do-in, increasing the effects thereof, as well as being useful for use in people who are afraid of needles.

How it works:

ITMp emits a magnetic field that fits brain frequency of the person who uses it, by retinal persistence:  a light emitted by the device flashes in a certain frequency and the user must turn a button until the light stops flashing. In fact the light does not stop, but the eyes just realize movements that are below the brain frequency. This adapted magnetic field is rectified in the magnetic field damaged or disrupted by disease and regulates it. The time of use  depends on the disease and / or its extension.
The minimum application time is 15 minutes, reaching its full effect in about 35 to 45 minutes after application - time for the energetic field of the body adapts itself.

Use for babies who do not speak

You can set the unit to your own brain frequency and lower it a little, or to use Bionergetics or dowsing to find the baby  brain frequency.

Currently research is being done with diabetic patients with Alzheimer's disease. To track these tests, please contact directly with Professor Marcus Häendell.

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