The Magnetic therapy inductor has several practical applications:


  1. Helps to meditate, lowering the brain frequency

  2. Mental realignment through Self Hypnosis

  3. Stimulates / Trains the pineal gland

  4. Eliminate various pains

  5. To cure  several diseases

  6. Enhance treatment of Do-in and acupuncture

  7. Helps to  loose Weight  / treats obesity

The ITM helps to meditate with a magnetic field that induces the brain to go into the meditation  frequency, which is between 8 and 12 Hz. Four minutes with ITM is equivalent to forty minutes in meditation without it.

2. The ITM is used in self-hypnosis, it relaxes body and mind, accessing the subconscious and making it susceptible to suggestions. It can thus be used to lose weight, quit smoking, accelerate language learning and other subjects.

3- The ITM stimulates the pineal gland, which helps in their development

4. The ITM eliminates many pains: muscle, arthritis, traumatic - regardless of their origin. Works initially as a powerful painkiller and is used by people who feel severe pain and previously used drug morphine-based - and without the contraindications of these drugs.

5 -   ITM has cured  so called incurable diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia for example, and several others that require long expensive medications or treatments. The ITM reduces treatment time.

6 - The ITM potentiates the healing effect at the points of acupuncture and DO- In and accelerates the healing process. Applied in DO-in affectivity point, healed Panic Disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and night terrors.

7- The ITM helps in the treatment of obesity / weight loss, applied to acupuncture points, with excellent results


Magnetic field emitter application of ITM at the  Do-in point of the infection (IG4)










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