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If you want to contact any person from this page to check the testimonial, Please use a google translator to translate your message into portuguese, cause many of them do not speak English.

Fabio Fonseca

I am Fabio from Curitiba, Brazil  - Talking to Professor Marcus, I got the ITM cause I had frequent headaches, heartburn and indigestion, which was ended through in the second application. My sister and a friend who suffered from back pain a few weeks ago, also had great relief with the first application and were without pain from the third application, rarely, because of some physical effort,  I  to feel back pain again, which is solved with only one application.


Margarida Dutra
When I first read about the ITM, I thought, one more advertising to fool people... anyway, I decided to follow the link
I read all about it.
It's been two years and decided to buy the equipment that would be used in religious institutions and among family and friends.
I Contacted the supplier,  He was very kind and attentive both by email and by phone, giving me all guidelines because did not know how to use it. Anyway with device in hands and guidance manual and curiosity seeking information on the Internet, I started to use it.
In my family, someone with syndrome of panic, another with inflammation in the knee, bursitis, extreme pain in the spine, high blood pressure (I remember that a friend who had a  pressure 18 x 10 and with the ITM use in 40 minutes she was sleeping serenely) and There were many experiences, and those mentioned in the short period we managed to cure or mitigate and 3 weekly sessions. Today  I carry the ITM wherever I go, It is a lightweight unit, and with  an adequate transport bag   I received along with the device. Indeed it is not false advertising.
ITM does what it promises.

Margarida Dutra / MG


Jane C. Diniz

My name is Jane, I am from Santa Catarina, near the capital Florianópolis - Brazil. In google search on any device for relieving pain, I arrived at Prof.  Marcus Häendell's Site, then I wondered, is it true? will that device help me? But I trusted it and bought it. Wow! the inductor unit of magnetic therapy was a gift I have received from God and Professor Marcus, my severe headaches (migraine) disappeared. My father suffered stroke, got a huge clot, but before he went to the hospital I left the unit on its head, for a long time; took him to the hospital, and was hospitalized there, I talked to the doctor and he informed me that it was primarily a miracle he survived (the clot was huge), and the best nor a member of his body was paralyzed. Then I started to meditate and reached the following conclusion, the device greatly helped my father.
So I want to take this time to thank Professor Marcus Haendell by the invention, and ask God to bestow upon him his richest blessings. Congratulations teacher!
email: jane.cd@terra.com.br


Celia Vasques (Terapeuta)

About 6 months ago I received in my therapeutic space one client. Although its appearance and youthful anyway let not realize her age, she was suffering from a very common disease these days: Fibromyalgia - this disease that affects thousands of people, mainly women and that science can not diagnose easily. It is a type of rheumatism that affects all the muscles and that "gives us the impression that we have pins or nails planted in the whole body," the so-called trigger points. Are unbearable and frequent pain, with absurd tiredness, painful joints and other nuisances. According to scientists "Fibromyalgia has no effective treatment and for individuals to present, they should receive symptomatic treatment with drugs to try just alleviate the symptoms, make use of some methods of exercises and physiotherapy - but only when the case is still not so serious enough as to prevent them from doing these last two. As none of these measures have proven efficacy and duration of these effects is too short - only a few months - that compared to the years of suffering, these measures become even more ineffective. It was concluded that through these methods all fibromyalgia should learn to live with fibromyalgia in pain for the rest of their lives. "
Carefully researched all sources that could, as it also had other patients with other rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, arthrosis, sciatic nerve, bursitis ... well, there was a reduction of symptoms, but the pain was still there. We also know that this is psychosomatic illness whose origin is in some trauma or emotional stress or mental installed and that manifests in the physical and psychic body, leading to depression and deep dejection. These diseases are not easily detected by science, since the vast majority despise "invisible" diseases in clinical diagnosis. But there are professionals who are involved in treating such diseases of the soul, taking into account all customer history and considering mainly their psychic, emotional and affective issues. I am part of this group of professionals: I am art therapist and massage therapist and I am happy to thicken the row of professionals who care with love and reverence of the so-called psychosomatic illnesses.
With all dedication and care spent to investigate the psychic field the origin of these pains, but still was not sure what to do to mitigate their pain ... tirelessly researched and found in an Orkut community a device invented by a young scientist that, in engaging to facilitate the exercise of meditation - state in which the brain reaches a state of calm and rest, easing tensions and improving the energy points of the body, eventually finding other applications for his invention, through the relentless pursuit of other therapists. I tried to get in touch with him and with others who had experienced the Magnetic Therapy inductor (ITM). I was met with a frank smile and full availability to take my doubts, because if the causes of these diseases are in the psyche, as well as the way we conduct our thoughts and emotions, it made sense that this system could provide good results. After long research and careful selection, I chose to buy it and follow the steps the manual and its own inventor was willing to give me. We then proceeded to use it experimentally, me and my client, every day and to our surprise, soon, the pain began to subside ... the crisis to be more sparse - Fibromyalgia crisis is more uncomfortable and unsettling because it makes the person has fever sensations, followed by a state of exhaustion, confused sometimes with symptoms of hypothyroidism or chronic fatigue.
By this time I and my client were enthusiastic and crises that lasted 30-40 days passed to settle for only two days! After six weeks of use, my client decided to acquire ITM and went on to make their applications at home for as long as possible and more times a day, with persistence and discipline. His improvement is visible. Today she takes care of their hospitalized mother and can lead a normal life. Entusiamada with the results and under the guidance of prof. Marcus Händaell, she began to monitor the ITM her husband, stricken with prostate cancer and bone and suffered deeply with chemotherapy. Today, it is no longer bedridden, his last restoration no more than two to three days, a lot, and it leads a normal life.
It would not be reporting these cases if they missed the truth, nor would pay me to promote anything that could compromise the health rather than promote it. My commitment is to the truth and the welfare of my clients and those looking for me. There are of course other cases that it could cite, including that of a friend who has a social work educator, under pressure, the most diverse, and he was exhausted mentally and physically. Stress, as we know, can trigger other diseases and even kill. This job requires my friend a commitment such that their physical and mental integrity were quite shaken. Today it is already also benefiting from this invention and preparing to purchase her own device.
My name is Celia Vasques, my email is celiahvasques@gmail.com, phone (21) 9831.1362, for those who wish more information. Put at the disposal of everyone from addressing the matter with the same seriousness and respect with which I treat.
I believe in this invention as divine providence and prof. Marcus as an instrument of its realization. In it I have gotten all the support they need to carry out more effectively and with my professional contribution in the area of ​​physical, mental and emotional. My testimony is a humble and small contribution by who has done much for the well-being of a community of patients suffering discrimination and prejudice of illnesses that do not manifest themselves in the field of science in its concreteness, are invisible diseases in the eyes humans are not open wounds in the body but are large open wounds in the souls of those who have a history of life supported by a lot of social pressure and therefore had their psychological and emotional makeup shaken. People who have had their fiber tested all the time and supported the disrespect and irreverence that the lack of solidarity and understanding can bring, either within their families or in society in general.
That all those who give credit to this great little invention are blessed with healing and grace that he proposes and that more talents to encourage invent and have their inventions for the greater welfare of all who suffer.
Prof. Marcus, my thanks and my desire for him to be rewarded with the fruits of his work and his generous presence, availability and support.
With immense affection.
Celia Vasques

celiahvasques@gmail.com, Telephone (21) 9831.1362

Rua Dr. Augusto Costallat, 51 - Bangu - RJ. cep. 21.830-320



Regina Pompeu

My father almost three years ago got trouble in the marrow, and according to the experts, it was found that he could not have surgery due to age and also because the disease was degenerative (motor sensory neuropathy axon distal melienic - paralyzes the muscles starting with the ends and causes severe pain in the process). So on this picture he felt too depressed because it appeared without any movement, even to eat we had to give the food in the mouth, out the pains were intense, leading to take pretty strong drugs to keep him in total relaxation -  the lower and upper limbs, and make  him turn  into full dementia due to constant drowsiness.
Using the Inductor, he began to move again the arms and legs, stopped taking that medication for the pain and tingling subsided and today he is eating alone and also went back to writing.
I would like to thank Prof. Marcus for his wonderful invention and also the say to all the benefits this machine has brought to our lives and for those seeking a better quality of life and without using drugs that can relieve pain, but at the same time have adverse effects.
Regina Pompeu - Fortaleza Ce - 11/11/2009




Eliane Maya


First, I want to make it clear that the acquisition of ITM and the decision to buy it was my mother idea. But everything THAT'S GOOD WE HAVE TO ENJOY. And as good daughter, here I leave my  favorable testimony  to the use of ITM. Because it really is above all, affordable price compared to the treatments the same level in an  doctor office, or drugs that do not have the same effect (as they are always accompanied by the "side effects" OFF THE PRICE ABSURD). When my mother received the ITM, I was very strong pain in the knee and used without worrying about the results. And it was amazing !!! In some applications just got satisfactory result. But the case of my mother, is more delicate because it does not need a medical evaluation, feel intense pain throughout the body and even then the ITM has brought relief in a few days of use. I hope I have been helpful to those who still have doubts about the date of purchase. A big hug to all community members, especially Marcus (instrument inventor).


Maria do Rosario Soeiro

My name is Maria do Rosario Soeiro, I'm 49, I live in São Luis - MA. - Brazil I have a degree in Philosophy and Economics, working in finance for a large company, and I am also a teacher at a college here in San Luis.
All this presentation is to give credibility and support for the issue that I will address.
How much computer work, I developed an acute tendonitis in my right arm, which led me to numerous treatments the basis of various drugs, physical therapy, and anything else to indicate me as possible to solve the acute pain I felt.
Until one day, talking to a friend who lives in Rio Grande do Sul, she told me about a researcher who lives in Curitiba, named Marcus Hãendell and developed a device called ITM (Inductor of  Magnetic Therapy) and it solved my problem. She handed me the Site (http://www.indutordeterapiamagnetica.com.br/) so I research and take away my own conclusions.
I confess that at first I did not give credit, but the pain spoke louder and I decided to research about, after all, what would it cost?
I accessed the site, I found interesting and I decided to contact Prof. Marcus Haendel.
After exchanging a few emails where I inquired and he kindly answered clarifying my doubts, I decided to buy the ITM device, for how great economist, evaluated that worked even much cheaper would come out of what I was spending remedies that only they were palliative so far.
According to the explanations, I started the application on my arm. The first application should be one hour, and I fell asleep during, which surprised me because I have insomnia problems, I woke up completely painless.
I was not sure at first, because I thought too unbelievable to be true ..
But to dispel doubts, I decided go trough it.. I stopped all  pain killers and only kept the ITM.Well,..The result is that my arm completely reduced the swelling and  the pain disappeared..I also started to use it  for my insomnia.
I'm telling you all that because I want other people to share with me the discovery of this wonderful device, and that became my inseparable friend ..I am using it  for any kind of pain that I feel -..from headaches to muscle sprains .... In the site, Professor Marcus Hãendell talks about many other utilities and applications. I think it should be more publicize
d to people


Whesler Karlo Reis Nangino

I am acupuncturist for about 17 years and found  the  magnetic device of Marcus five years ago, I remember the first time I used it was in a boy who came to office without having scheduled an  fighter athlete  with the very committed knee, had to get here carried  by friends. As he waited for the treatment (I have other patient at the office), I put the transmitter in place, and it was amazing the result as he came to my room  walking almost without pain. Even Without pain,  I advised him to see a knee specialist. The specialist  found no injury, the knee was perfect. After that I used the ITM in several cases, specially in pain caused by herniated discs and  in many cases I have associated acupuncture and others as single therapy. I Highly recommend its use as it has been an instrument that helps me a lot everyday.

Rua Agostinho Gomes, 1760 - Ipiranga - SP - Brasil Tel  +55  11 2914-8383  or +55 11 9999-5381;

Viviane Javaisas

My name is Viviane, I'm from São Paulo, I recently got the ITM, and I'm making use of it since the first day I arrived. Since I got it for my mother who suffers from Bipolar Depression and also began using and already felt the difference as she left the house and is now a different mood. As I had severe pain in heel due to a tendinitis in the first application that also did no longer had more pain and back pain due to computer use has also improved a lot. This device really was a great discovery and acquisition. The ITM helped me without having the need to take medication, at least for me came to help a lot because it would have to live the injections base to be able to walk. What's more, because my son walks I believe with growing pains and made application of 20 minutes on his heel has solved, and previous days made use of antiflamatórios without much effect. Worth the ITM because it has no side effect as generally conventional medicines and to think on the positive side of the results worth the investment


Marlene Gomes

I have been using the ITM  for two months .
The fibromyalgia pain, that were unbearable, went away from my body.
I am very happy!!!
It's great to live without pain.


Deise Britto - Curitiba - PR

I am the bearer of fibromyalgia with a lot of muscle pain.
And since 1993 I had many back pain near the Sacrococigean region, lacked cartilage in two discs and the pain was too intense that come hang my right leg had to sit for half an hour, so  I could walk again.
I went through seven doctors and only taking medicine and it never ceased. I started taking two blocks near the injection site .... I took two then anesthesia and woke up when the doctor told me to walk there walked and told him that the pain was still there ... then nothing worked.
Then I met Marcus and saw him on TV talking about this unit, ITM and I tried it and used it for an hour and it ended with  no pain, So,  I decided to buy it, The Fibromyalgia pain disappeared and I have  used it  over a year and it improved 70%  the subside of my pain column, I went to the doctor and he did not believe it had relieved the pain, sometimes I relax when I feel better from the pain but I am  using it and I  will not stop it  I know it will come a time that the pain in the disks will be eliminated for good.
And ITM helped me in varicose veins relieved me from much pain, especially in the summer.
I'm sure you guys will not regret  using it , we have to make the best for our health.


Iderci Gonçalves - S. José dos Pinhais - PR - Brazil

I am  a Massage Therapist and I use the device since 2005. I applied in patients with Panic Disorder with excellent results. It works great in pain, and works very well  to  energy and heavy metal poisoning applied at the point of Do-in and acupuncture. I continue with the tests, and I believe that ITM is for virtually all diseases. Because have discovered so much, today I consider myself "godmother" of the device. I recommend its use. A patient who was almost completely paralyzed for six years lying on a bed due to neuropathy, recovered his movements with 3 weeks of use of ITM




Regina Zanelato - Curitiba - PR

I am the bearer of FIBROMYALGIA (muscle pain throughout the body) and learned of the existence of Magnetic Therapy inductor device. After having acquired it, whenever I feel sharp pains, I use the ITM and the pain goes away after about 30 to 40 min. When pains arise, I use the again the unit to ease the pain. Really amazing the salutary effect of this device. I recommend for those with Fibromyalgia.


Bianca Guimarães - Curitiba - PR

Hi, my name is Bia and I bought the teacher Marcus Häendell ITM because I had a lot of headaches and insomnia. After a few months of use, I have felt more prepared because I finally got to sleep regularly and my headaches sumiram.Realmente ITM is an alternative therapy that has had good results for me. There's no doubt I advise everyone to try it.


Olga Mendonça - Recife - PE - In Memorian


Hello, Marcus Hãendell!

Yes, I received , your email about the voltage. Thank you for your attention. Problem solved...
Since Saturday'm using the device, with very good results ... but I discovered that due to the intensity of pain they had felt, applications needed to be slow - about 45-60 mins. at every point until they ceased to hurt ...
Is it okay to do so prolonged applications? At least for my body, I think not ... I was sleepy and very relaxed ...
Today I applied it in a patient on chemotherapy (liver cancer) who was restless and tense. In less than a minute, he fell asleep so deeply that neither could do the views !! ... So I made an application 30 minutes in the abdomen, he complained, was very sore; I focused enough in the liver region ...
Well, experiments in oncology, have begun ... Let's wait for the results, which are not so immediate and obvious as the pain problems ...
On the second day of use, I managed to get out of this critical situation with regard to my left leg!
One thing that caught my attention was the fact of the spine (lumbar), have responded better to the application of magnetic field than the hips and legs ... With a single application of 45 minutes, the pain reduced about 80%! Is it because the affected and painful area, is less extensive?
Well, I keep in touch; I will inform you of everything important that is happening! ...
Fraternal embrace,
    Olga Maria
Hello, Marcus Haendell!

For the first time in years, I'm feeling optimistic and hopeful of recovering my moves and get back to leading a normal life !!
Still using the ITM and my spine, to each day, has bothered less. The excruciating muscle pain in the legs, are also decreasing. I have managed to spend large periods of the day, without feeling the least pain!
I started treatment with Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin, nutritional supplements that according to surveys in Europe and USA, are able to regenerate cartilage and joints. That was a preciozíssima tip of our group "Therapists Naturalists" during the debate Arthritis / artrosetrose. I did extensive research on the internet about these products, I found many encouraging testimonials and a lab here in Recife, where I sent manipulate them.
It has become much easier now, see me cured, walking, running and dancing, because I'm feeling all these things, as a next reality to manifest!
Besides my patients I have experienced the ITM in a lot of people - children, relatives and friends. And in many different types of problems - migraine, stiff neck, menstrual cramps and abdominal pain. However, in all without exception, the only light stops flashing in the B position ... So, it's like all vibrássemos the same pattern of brain waves. Will this be a problem on my phone or all of us, restless creatures of the big city? Or am I doing something wrong in handling?
Despite this small problem, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I found that link the ITM with Generator CD, is a super-potent way to work chronic cases of insomnia and even psycho-motor agitation (manic phase of bipolar disorder sufferers) ... People sleep deeply during application and They began to sleep better at home!
I am currently testing it in a patient with Parkinson's. The tremors of the hands and arms, have decreased for 24 hours after application. Once you have more concrete information, I will inform you.

Fraternal embrace,

everyone to experience.
        Olga Maria
Hello, Marcus!

         Sorry did not reply your email as quickly as you like. Family problems kept me away from the PC in the last two days.
         But let's questions relating to the ITM. The results continue to be very encouraging. The tremors of my client with Parkinson are declining very slowly, and gradually he is returning to write. The stressed people with insomnia and continue sleeping during apicação and better at home ... Even decompensated client, is leaving hyperactivity framework without psychotropic drugs. As for the cancer patient, this is a long-term outcome. When he is well, operated tumors 3 months ago and the disease is remitting.
         Looking forward to your response, I bid farewell with a fraternal embrace,

        Olga Maria



I Do not know if you remember, but at the time I wrote you ordering the ITM, my left femoral articulation for the first time was in "crisis," a sign that the "breakdown" began to worsen. I was very worried because so far, it did not bother and I just felt pain and problems in the right joint and spine. To the unit's arrival, I felt like that sheeted (and deaf) old lady, the "Square of joy," (square of joy is a brazilian TV show) such difficulties to sit / stand and walk.
Using the ITM, the lower back has bothered much less, and the left articulation returned to "work" as before the crisis, remaining well today. But on the right, yet not feel much progress in handling capacity. Tavez because, in that the pain decreased (before they seemed to fill my whole body awareness) started to better understand how this articulation is stuck, stuck, repuchando nerves and muscles and snapping loud ... And it is not for less .. .The last PET scan showed that the cartilage, not anything left over and the femoral head had been eroded by 1/3 ...
But not perdí faith. I started doing chiropractic to put the spine and the pelvis in place (its displacement in the accident, was the origin of all these problems), I continue taking the Glucosamine Chondroitin with using the stabilizer and visualizing my daily total cure.
When you come to know these northeastern stops, I hope to be able to run on the boardwalk !! ...
I wish you much luck in the interview of the 25th, in the Sonia Baruch Program. I am MORE CABLE TV, which picks up the CNT channel and will watch, yes, your presentation and hope for it to be a complete success! You deserve!
A fraternal and big hug,







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