Kirlian photos of before and after the application of Magnetic Therapy inductor

In Memoriam - Teacher Newton Milhomens - Author of the photos below, was the foremost expert in Kirlian photography (or Bioelectrography, as it is known today) in South America. Unfortunately that my good friend has left us in early 2008.

                           BEFORE                                                                  AFTER


It may be noted the improvement of a photo to another - Less power outages and more harmonic forms in the second image.

Some skeptics say that Kirlian photography, or Bioelectrography, just shoots the body MOISTURE. To show skeptics that they are wrong, here is a picture of kirlian of an object that does not contain moisture - An old telephone coin. If
it was moistened to take the picture, the film would be burned and did not notice the coin, because the Kirlian camera  uses an electrical current to impress
the film.





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