Magnetizing water with the ITM

ITM can Magnetize water using two emitters of magnetic field thereof, one on each side of a container, preferably glass, containing water, preferably filtered.

Circulatory System: Assists in the process of eliminating toxins that cause most diseases, the file cholesterol and uric acid causing the blood to move more easily facilitating the work of the heart and still improving oxygen transport to the cells.

Excretory system: As diuretic, facilitates filtering the blood by the kidneys, which helps to prevent the formation of renal calculi and inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic agents (bacteria and viruses), preventing renal diseases and also in the bladder.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Causes muscular and nervous relaxation, improves electrical conduction system and optimizes the work of secretion glands responsible for hormone production.

Digestive System: Help secretion and improved quality of liquid participating in the digestive process facilitating the normalization of bowel function.

IMPORTANT: The ITM has no intention of replacing diagnoses, prescriptions or medical care. It dispenses register  in the brazilian ministry of health, because it is innocuous device health and do not require a prescription.

Source: Alexandre Pimentel
writer and healthy living consultant





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